Finding a available port number in Windows

See the following page for some clever code for finding an available port number in Windows to start an instance of the selenium server. This is handy when you are trying to start multiple instances of selenium and need port numbers that are not in use.


How to Encypt & Decrypt using Javascript & Selenium IDE

This article explains how to encrypt & decrypt with JavaScript and the Selenium IDE. You will need the attached user-extension.js installed, which was created from this article: Below are the IDE commands that can get you started:


Selenium Documentation and User Extensions

Many of us continue to use Selenium IDE and its stable working extensions. However, since the openqa site was removed/closed, there really isnt a repository of those extensions for us to go to. You could use this site, and even contribute to it to help the rest of us out, or you could try to access the old site using the Internet Time Machine (which allows us to go back in time to websites and snapshots of their content). Here is the address to start browsing that old site:


Setting up Eclipse for Selenium Webdriver

I copied these steps from: just in case that article dissappears (not to claim credit). The article was originally written by:

Posted by: assertselenium // eclipse, Selenium, WebDriver // selenium eclipse, Selenium setup, WebDriver, WebDriver project // October 28, 2012

Steps To Create a Selenium Project in Eclipse

Step 1: Download Eclipse