This is useful for testing AJAX elements have returned:

    <td>var value = selenium.getText("//textarea[@name='comment']"); value == "" </td>

Basically the syntax indicates that the script will wait for the conditin to return true. Provide the locator and value, and you're all set.


Turning off the automatic update on Firefox

I recently experienced an issue where Firefox was automatically trying to force an update of Flash even though I had automatic update turned off. As a result, my selenium scripts would fail because the browser would prompt for confirmation for updating flash and there was no one on the other side answering the prompt. To handle addon updates failing, Mozilla introduced a hang-ui.exe feature desing ed to kill hanging updates.

How to use multiple Firefox profiles at the same time

You can run more than one Firefox profile at one time.

You first need to create a new profile. You need to run the following in the run dialog or command prompt: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -profilemanager

Make sure that each profile has a unique name. Check the “Don’t ask at startup” box.

Then, make another shortcut to Firefox. Copy/paste the current shortcut, then open up the properties page and go to the Shortcut tab.