Title Type Description
searchPort Batchfile Batch What follows is some clever code for finding an available port number in Windows to start an instance of the selenium server. This is handy when you are trying to start multiple instances of selenium and need port numbers that are not in use.
Include Working with IDE AND RC (Final Version 3/22/2016) User-Extension These versions are working for us (with the exception of the include not closing/cleaning up in RC).
HTTPFox Browser Addon HttpFox monitors and analyzes all incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the browser and the web servers. It aims to bring the functionality known from tools like HttpWatch or IEInspector to the Firefox browser.
CSVReader User-Extension Here is simple yet efficient code to read a CSV file in Selenium IDE for data driven testing.
Flowcontrol and Include working together with Example Tests User-Extension These all worked together in IDE 2.2.0 on Firefox 22 & 28, and Selenium RC selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar. The attached contains:
storeGetVars User-Extension Description This extension adds the command 'storeGetVar' which stores a get-var retrieved from the url into a variable. Works with IDE too.
storeTableContent User-Extension description Allows to search the content within a table. This is a very useful functionality for scenario like:
selectWindow User-Extension description extend the original selectWindow to select a nested frame and a window which name is null. target: the window or frame that you want choice,and you can only use '.' as the window name to select the previous opened window.
Date Functions User-Extension I scaped this file off of, looking for extensions that could be used.
Disable Compatibility Check Browser Addon Reinstates the extensions.checkCompatibility preference without respect to the current application version.
Automatic Save Folder Addon Browser Addon This extension allows you to specify different save folders according to filters based on the filename and/or domain. The defined folders will be used to automatically save the download into it, or proposed by the file explorer to prevent spending your time while looking for it.
Firefox Browser Install - Version 22.0b6 Application I have attached the Friefox browser installer for version 22
Compare 2 Strings User-Extension Selenium.prototype.doVerifyStringsEquals = function(elementOne, elementTwo) { var arrayelements = elementOne.split(','); var one = arrayelements[0]; var two = arrayelements[1]; if(one == two) { storedVars[ elementTwo ] = 1; } else {
typeTodaysDatePlusX User-Extension I needed a user-extension that could calculate todays date, and add some predefined number of days (3, 30, 365) to that date, and write the calculcated new date to a field.
Link Checker User-Extension This is a XMLHttpRequest link checker I found on the internet:
Selenium Training Document/Reference Attached is a copy of a document I found online for training for Selenium IDE and RC.
Selenium Server 2.35 W/ Working RC User-Extensions.js File Other The attached zipfile "" includes:
Type Todays Date into Field User-Extension Selenium.prototype.doTypeTodaysDate = function(locator){var dates = new Date();var day = dates.getDate();if (day < 10){day = '0' + day;}month = dates.getMonth() + 1;if (month < 10){month = '0' + month;}
CFScripts Other
FireFile Browser Addon Firebug extension to save the CSS files edited with firebug live to your web server. That makes Firebug become the first remote-save live-preview CSS editor and allows ultra-fast webdesign and prototyping.
FireStorage Plus Browser Addon An extra Firebug tab which lets you inspect and modify the local and session storage.
FireFlow Browser Addon Firebug extension to help reverse engineer code flows.
Selenium Server - Remote Control (RC) JAR files Application This page has the Selenium Server RC JAR files attached in case they dissappear from the website.
Selenium IDE Plugin Browser Addon This file is the Selenium IDE 2.2.2 plugin. I added it here in case the option to download from thier home page goes away.
Selenium & Junit Document/Reference Selenium SimplifiedA tutorial guide to using the Selenium API in Java with JUnit  
getAllRadioButtons User-Extension getAllRadioButtons returns all radio button elements in a page. It’s based on the getAllButtons() that is stock in Selenium.
typeRandomEmail User-Extension typeRandomEmail generates a random email address and types it in an input field.  
Exposed Console Browser Addon This plugin exposes a readable javascript logging console to each browser window object.
WebDriver Backed Formatters Browser Addon This is a plugin for Selenium IDE that adds WebDriver backed Selenium formatters, which allows users to take advantage of WebDriver without having to modify their tests to use the new API.
Stored Variables Viewer Browser Addon A plugin for Selenium-IDE to view the stored variables within Selenium IDE. Stored variables are created using the store, storeText, storeExpression and other similar store* commands. This plugin allows you to view these variables when the test is running.
Flow Control Browser Addon This is a plugin for Selenium IDE incorporating the flow control extension available at and
Log Search Bar Browser Addon A plugin for Selenium-IDE to show a find toolbar in the log pane making it easy to search the displayed log messages. Once this plugin is installed, the log pane will be changed to contain the find toolbar similar to the one found in the Firefox browser.
Signature Browser Addon This SeleniumIDE plugin allows you to verify the signature of any page element.It comes useful for non-regression testing to quickly detect element changes. Signature is done on:
Sel Blocks Browser Addon Adds the following control structures to Selenese: if/else, while, for, foreach, forXml, continue/break, loadVars, call/script/return
Power Debugger Browser Addon This plugin for Selenium-IDE improves debugging and troubleshooting issues with scripts. This plugin adds the pause on fail tool to the Selenium IDE toolbar.