implicitWait User-Extension

This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until the element is found before executing each command using a locator. It is designed to :

  • Avoid the user to add waitForElementPresent before click, type, select...
  • Implement the implicit wait function available with Selenium 2 WebDrivers
  • Handle Ajax synchronisation issues

An hourglass button is added to SeleniumIDE to enable/disable the implicitWaitLocator function and also provides 2 new script commands. The first one is setImplicitWaitLocator which has the same purpose as the hourglass button and the second one is setImplicitWaitCondition which set a JavaScript condition that need to be true to execute each command.
An error is raised when an element is not found and when the timeout defined in Selenium IDE Options is reached.
New Selenium commands

  • setImplicitWaitLocator | timeout | |

Waits until each locator is found before executing each command. Ex: setImplicitWaitCondition | 5000 |

  • setImplicitWaitCondition | timeout | condition_js |

Waits until the condition is true before executing each command. Examples using Ajax libraries to wait the end of the transaction :
See this page:


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