The updateFeedback command allows a test author to describe which high-level actions are currently being performed as part of the test. This description is displayed in a modified Selenium Test Runner UI as those actions are being executed.

Basically, it lets the person executing the test understand which use case steps are being performed as the selenium commands are scrolling by in the Test Runner.

The extension also lets the author generate an easy-to-read log of the high-level actions.

example of use

command feedbackMessage feedbackStyleClass
updateFeedback Searching for Entity  
updateFeedback Parameters: <br/>EntityName = 'Johnny5'<br/>EntityType = 'Robot' taskDetails


  • updateFeedback messages must be HTML-encoded in order to render correctly in the Feedback window.
  • Custom CSS classes can be easily defined in updateFeedback.css.
  • The modified Test Runner UI can live side-by-side with the original Test Runner if need be, and the updateFeedback command fails gracefully if the required elements can't be found (when executing a test via Selenium IDE for example).


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