Show Profile

Display profile hint on window title or customized locations (with or without individual icon).

You use more than one Firefox profile and want to get a hint for the profile in minimized window or in browser window?

Then, show profile will help you.

Show profile adds the profile folder name (or customize string) to title of window WITHOUT adding to title of TABS (so you could see tab titles without modification). There are also selectable locations on browser window to show the hint string or an icon (or both), which could be individual selected (use your string and own 16x16 pixel image).
There is also an option to open the folder of the profile.

Locations (look at screen shots):
- window title (change once or permanent or no change)
- Drag and Drop via customize tool bar
- menu bar
- status bar
- context menu
- advanced: select id of parent element

The change of the window title might be once, clear on tab change, or permanent.

example of window title:
"Test site" -> "prof1 : Test site"
Or if P is the user selected custom string:
"Test site" -> "P : Test site"
AND tab titles remains the same "Test site" etc.


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