extend the original selectWindow to select a nested frame and a window which name is null.

target: the window or frame that you want choice,and you can only use '.' as the window name to select the previous opened window.

example of use

select nested frame in the current window:

selectWindow parentFrame|childFrame  
verifyTitle this child frame  

you can use the window URL as the opened window flag if the window name is null,you nust including '.' in you command target field.And if the command target only including a '.' character,then selenium will choice the previous opened window,use it can solve some test URLs are including a random variable.

select window which window name is null and the URL is './tests/test1.html'.

selectWindow ./tests/test1.html  

Only select the previous opened window.

selectWindow .  

selectFrame(null) means returning control back to myiframe


  • download the selenium-browserbot.js to replace original file in selenium directory.


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