Options for Off The Shelf Web Query Tools


<p>This page catelogs a list of web-based MSSQL query tools that could be used to assist in real-time dynamic data driven testing for Selenium IDE or RC. This article relates to the previous article: Options for Data Driven testing with Selenium IDE and RC</p><p>Some MSSQL web query options:</p><ul><li>SQL Server Web Admin (http://smsweb.codeplex.com/)</li><li>SQL Web Query (http://sqlwebquery.codeplex.com/)</li><li>MyLittleAdmin (http://mylittleadmin.com/en/welcome.aspx)</li><li>Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition (http://www.activequerybuilder.com/product_asp.html)</li><li>Active Query Builder Java Edition (http://www.activequerybuilder.com/product_java.html)</li></ul><p>Some MySQL web query options:</p><ul><li>PHPmyAdmin</li></ul>


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