Locator for Links Wrapping HTML Tags (enclosingLink locator)

This locator REQUIRES release 1.0 (tested with Beta 2). It WILL NOT work with the 0.8.7 or early releases of SIDE.

If you click on a link that contains other HTML tags, the Selenium IDE will (or may depending on what is in the tag and where you click) generate a location for the HTML tag inside of the link.  e.g. for this HTML,

<td class="ajaxGridSelectRow">
    <a href="..." id="ToggleRowSelection_03764835B722">

It will generate a location like //td[1]/a/span rather than the desired id ToggleRowSelection_03764835B722.   While this will function when running the test, it can make then harder to comprehend.

This locator will search for an enclosing link and create a location directly for the link.

Use name 'enclosinglink' in LocatorBuilders.order for this locator.  It must appear before the dom: and xpath: locators.

Follow the instructions above to add this file to "Selenium IDE extensions"
Download enclosingLinkLocator.js

Follow the instructions above BUT add this file to "Selenium Core extensions" (user-extensions.js)
Download enclosingLinkStrategy.js