Highlight Elements

This plugin for Selenium-IDE highlights elements specified in the Selenese commands on the web page as the test case is executed. Once this plugin is installed, a Highlight elements button will be available on the Selenium-IDE main window and Sidebar. See the screen shot for details.

This plugin is very useful in debugging selenium test cases, maintaining selenium test cases and giving demos to stakeholders too. See the Exploratory Maintenance and Debugging of Selenium Tests post on my blog.

Mini user guide for the plugin

  • Click the Highlight elements button on the Selenium IDE to turn on element highlighting.
  • For best effect, reduce the execution speed using the slider.
  • Click the Highlight elements button on the Selenium IDE again to turn off the element highlighting.

Known Issues

  • Some types of elements cannot be highlighted.

To use this plugin, you will need to install Selenium IDE addon of at least version 1.0.4 first.

As usual feel free to leave comments, improvements, advise, criticism, problems on my blog at http://blog.reallysimplethoughts.com/. Please do not use the review here to report issues.

Enjoy ;-)
Samit Badle



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