Flowcontrol and Include working together with Example Tests

These all worked together in IDE 2.2.0 on Firefox 22 & 28, and Selenium RC selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar.

The attached gold.zip contains:

  • A suite file named suite.html (containing only 2.html, which has code to INCLUDE 1.html, 3.html and 4.html)
  • Four test files (1.html, 2.html, 3.html and 4.html)
  • Selenium Server Jar File (version 2.42.2)
  • IDE User Extensions
    • flowControlIDE.js
    • include-extension.js
  • RC User Extension
    • user-extensions.js (containing RC specific code for both the Flowcontrol and Include extensions)
  • a "results" folder for RC result files (not sure why I bundled this folder ... you can easily create it)
  • test.bat to launch RC from DOS batch file


Package icon gold.zip30.63 MB